How To Convert More Paid Traffic with Joyyo

This guide will teach you how to convert more paid traffic using Joyyo, which lets you video chat with visitors as they browse your site. We'll cover some common problems for paid advertising campaigns and how to solve those problems using Joyyo. Let's get started!

Don't Throw Your Money Away!

If you're new to buying online advertising, you're probably struggling with the fundamental problem of finding a positive Return on Investment (ROI) - or, more fundamentally: spending more money than you're earning.

This can be very disheartening, as it feels like throwing your hard-earned money into a bottomless pit. Don't worry though, there are few easy but fundamental improvements you can make to your campaign to help you find a positive ROI.

1) Build Content Specific To Your Campaign

The most common mistake we see - and have been guilty of ourselves - is buying advertisements which drop users right on your homepage. We know, you love your homepage. You paid a designer a lot of money for it, it's very pretty and it perfectly outlines everything your company does. But is that what you promised in your ad?

Instead, build specialized landing pages which are specifically tailored to the offer you made in your ad. For example, if you run an online retailer for women's clothing, don't just say "Buy Women's Clothes" in your ad and dump them on your homepage. Instead, perhaps you could say "Top 5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories For Young Women" and have the ad link to a collection of your most popular products in that category.

The important thing is that the more specific your are, the higher your ROI will be.

2) Know Your Customer

There are two sides of the ROI calculation - your conversion rate and your ad spend. If you've built high-quality, high-converting specific subject pages but you're still not happy with your ROI, perhaps it's time for you to focus on the other side of the equation.

Resist the urge to show your ads to as many people as possible and instead focus on the narrowest segment of people you can. When choosing the segment you want to target, start with what you should already know: your existing customers!

Look at your existing customer base and see if any patterns stand out. Are most of your high-value customers American men in their late 50s? Young European women in cities? People who work in HR? Executives or artists? The answer lies in your data.

Once you've identified your most profitable segment, use the tools of the platform where you purchase your ads to only target those potential customers in your desired segment.

3) Close Your Sales with Joyyo Video Chat

Finally, the secret weapon that your competitors don't have (yet) - Joyyo!

With Joyyo, you can video chat with your hottest leads while they're browsing your website! This is tremendously useful, as you can answer any questions your customers might have, guide them to the right products for their needs, and most importantly, demonstate your exceptional service.

In addition to just running Joyyo on your website, there's a few advanced configurations you can make to maximize your success.

Joyyo Tip: Use Webhooks to Get Notified When Hot Leads Are Visiting

The first thing that you can do is set up webhooks for your Joyyo.

With webhooks, you can get priority notifications when a new user with certain desireable attributes - like their traffic source, their country, their browser or any other property you set up - is visiting your site.

As an example, let's set up a Slack notification for when a high-priority lead is visiting one of our specific content pages.

Joyyo Tip: Don't Oversell

When you talk to your first visitors with Joyyo, you might get overwhelmed by a rush of excitement. You'll want to talk about every feature your product has and how it'll change the life of everybody who subscribes.

Don't do that!

Instead - play it cool. Nobody likes an overly-pushy salesperson, but everybody appreciates somebody friendly who can help them. Be the latter!

Introduce yourself, let them know you're available to help, ask them if they have any questions and give them help if they need it, and if not, wish them a good day. You've done your job - you've shown you're a real company with great support.

Try this approach for a month, and we guarantee you'll have improved your ROI and, more importantly, you'll have a better understanding of your customers and their needs.

Ready to get started? Try Joyyo for 30 days for free. If it doesn't pay for itself immediately, it's only one click to cancel your trial.

:) Joyyo

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